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Capuchin monkey on the beach in Cahuita

Capuchin monkey on the beach at Cahuita on the Caribbean coast. Interested in stealing my picnic.

Cahuita beach patrol

Another capuchin waits patiently for any offerings from our beach picnic.

big green spider

The spiders around here are pretty substantial.

Tree roots in the rainforest

Some of the amazing tree roots we saw in the rainforest.

A young raccoon in the forest

A young member of the local raccoon species, watching nervously from the forest.

Exotic plants

These exotic blossoms are a great favourite with hummingbirds, and the snakes that feed on them.

little lizard

Attractive little lizard, only a couple of inches long, living under a stone bench in one of the parks.

Basking iguana

Iguana basking in a tree.

Early morning swim

Early morning exercise off Manuel Antonio

Traffic holdup in Manuel Antonio

Traffic holdup on the High Street in Manuel Antonio.

The caiman family

A family of caimans watch our boat go by at Caño Negro.

Monkey surveys Jean

A couple of passing squirrel monkeys give Jean the once-over.

Where the rainforest meets the sea

Artistic shot of where the trees meet the sea, Playa Negro

Bats resting beneath a branch

Bats resting in the daytime on the underside of the stout branch of a tree

Eyelash Palm Pit Viper

The eyelash palm pit viper. Highly venomous but rather beautiful. Preferred food: hummingbirds.

Iguana on Manuel Antonio beach

Large female iguana basking on the beach at Manuel Antonio.

Coatis in a big family group, Monteverde

Coatis are common and go around in huge family groups. They love picnic left-overs.

Jean and hotel-owner's daughter

This little girl was the daughter of the hotel-owner at Tortuguero. She adopted us even though we didn't speak much of her language.

Night-hunting caiman

Flash photograph of a caimen out hunting at night.

Lake of sulphuric acid, Poás Volcano

A lake of concentrated sulphuric acid in the crater of the recently active Poás Volcano, near Sarchi.

Arrow-poison frog

The classic Costa Rican picture: the arrow-poison frog. This one is called a "blue jeans" arrow-poison frog. I wonder why?


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